Travelling to the United Kingdom for the first time (Hacks & Tricks)

Royal family, fish, and chips, forts, palaces – rich in heritage and diverse scenery, the United Kingdom (UK) is counted among travellers’ most favourite destinations in Europe. The country’s vast landscape includes ancient churches, long preserved beautiful country estates, world-renowned art galleries, and an array of museums.

Travellers around the world are fascinated by the beauty of the country. The holiday season is a significant attraction for many. During the same period, the prices of things inflate enormously. However, the crowd remains crashing, as they do not wish to miss the chance of enjoying the rich culture of the place.

Every year, the United Kingdom (UK) records a high surge in foreign visitors. The government pays special attention to the safety and protection of travellers. The attractions all around the country have tight security. The travellers have been vocal about their pleasant experience of visiting the place.+

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For the first time, those travelling in the United Kingdom should take care of some minor things, such as booking the places in advance. Casual booking can be quite expensive, or in the atmosphere of congestion, the vacancy could get filled.

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In this blog, we will discuss a few hacks and tricks for first-timers who visited the United kingdom. The same will help you save money and eradicate hindrance in your travel experience.

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Hacks and tricks to have the best travelling experience in the United Kingdom:

1. Avoid Holiday Months:

Travelling during the holidays might have a substantial effect on the pocket. The rates of the hotels go high along with the restaurants.

The holiday period allows the locals to break their routine and step out of their houses. The crowd on the streets is high in this period. For a peaceful and economical visit to the United Kingdom, it is recommended to plan the vacation during non-holiday months.

2. Don’t Try To See Everything At One Go:

There are plenty of places to visit in the United Kingdom. The effort to visit maximum sites at one go would steal the excitement and might stress you out. Planning a well-relaxed trip is suggested for the first-timers.

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3. Advance Booking Would Keep The Travel Hassle-free:

The best suggestion for travelling abroad is to plan efficiently. The same is considered a smart move and economical too.

The pre-booking carries some perks like discounts or complementaries. The same would help in tuning down the expenditure. The advance booking would also deplete the chances of running out of vacancies or entries. Also, taking online cabs would help you in saving time.

4. Don’t Forget To Enjoy Exotic Food:

The cuisine in the country holds worldwide recognition. Some dining places have been running for centuries. Thus, the state offers age-old flavours.

Travellers are suggested to plan smartly so that they could not miss out on the world’s finest cuisines. The pre-bookings offer some discounts so that the first-timers can check the same too.

5. Important Detail:

The points, as mentioned earlier, are vital. They will help you in planning an economical yet exciting trip to the United Kingdom. However, we have a few pointers that first time visitor should keep in mind:

  • All the joints and places usually accept credit cards. Yet, carrying some cash would be a wise decision.
  • It is better to purchase a local sim card. The same will help you save the roaming cost on calls,
  • Tipping the waiter/waitresses is not exercised in the UK. The restaurant bill includes a service charge.
  • Keeping a travel adapter with yourself. The ports used in the UK are different than usual.
  • The vehicles move on the right side, therefore, look right before crossing streets.
  • Pack an umbrella during the trip. There are some places in the UK that experience heavy rain.


The experience of visiting the United Kingdom would be something that one would hold on for a long time. We tried to provide some simple hacks that would make your first trip to the UK most memorable.

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