Tips to Become a 5-Star LynkCity Driver

Tips to Become a 5-Star LynkCity Driver

Imagine getting star ratings for the work or any activity we perform. It would become very difficult to execute under such pressure. However, the perks of the rating system cannot be denied. The reputation improves according to the performance and the chance of error in analysing the work gets depleted. The highest-rated drivers earn better than the rest.

Not for all jobs, but ride-hailing service drivers particularly get star-rating for each drive they complete. Precisely, ride-hailing is a medium that helps passengers to commute and drivers to earn by providing services to the passenger. The companies charge a small percentage from driver’s earnings, as they are helping them in getting passengers. The drivers are allowed to work according to their free will. However, as the name of the company is involved, they need to keep a check on the services. Since the inception of ride-hailing service companies, the star-rating function holds pivotal importance. It allows the company to understand the services passengers have been getting. In case of any kind of misconduct, they can reflect their dissatisfaction by giving them less stars. On the contrary, if the commuter likes the services, then the high stars are the driver’s reward.

On driver’s end, the high rating helps them in getting more passengers. The reports revealed that the people who pick private hire taxis, they check the star rating of the driver. If they find inappropriate (less) star-rating, they cancel the ride. In LynkCity, we follow the same pattern, the best performer driver holds the highest rating. The new driver starts with a 5-star rating. It becomes his responsibility to keep the same intact for getting uninterrupted rides in the future.

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In this blog, we are going to talk about the techniques that would keep your star-ratings at the highest.

7 best tips for becoming 5-star rating driver in LynkCity:

1. Have a Smooth Ride

The private hire taxi business is booming due to the smooth ride experience. The companies keep a tight check on private hire vehicles quality. The passengers have switched from a regular taxi to a private hire vehicle for uber class experience. The sedan and SUV cabs offer huge boot space. The passengers travelling heavily prefer private hire taxis. If the drivers keep the clean car and make the ride smooth, the result would be definitely favourable.

2. Safety First

The whole world is battling with the pandemic. Keeping the safety first would help the passengers gain trust on the drivers. Ask them and try to follow all the directions issued by local authorities to remain safe from COVID-19. As per the statistics, the passengers bounce back to the same ride-hailing services if felt safe while taking the ride.

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3. Politeness is the Key

We all go through some of the other problems. It is found that people feel nervous around strangers and thus might react frustrated. In this situation, it is best for the driver to remain calm. Understanding passengers’ troubles and taking him/her to the destination with care and support would help the driver in the long run. There have been taxi drivers in the city that have garnered accolades because of their good behaviour. The drivers show the politeness traits are tagged as forgiving drivers.

4. Give Feedback to the Riders

It feels good to be appreciated. The person on the driving seat must have felt the same at some point in life. The reward for them is the star rating from the passenger. Thus, greeting passengers and giving positive feedback would build a strong image in the passengers’ mind. The consequence of the same could help the driver in getting more stars. However, over indulgence with the passengers should be avoided.

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5.  Staying Up to Date

This heading covers many topics like keeping a strong check over the pandemic situation, or knowing about the latest offers and discounts with the taxi service company (if any), keeping the vehicle up and in full form, etc. The same can help drivers in building a healthy rapport with the passenger. A good ride to the destination is all that the passenger is asking. If we manage to fulfil the same, the five star-rating would remain unchanged.

6. Street knowledge

Sometimes, we come across people that wish to reach the destination a little faster than the GPS. A driver who is aware of the streets can pull the task very well. The same reduces the traffic time and consequently the time of the passenger.

7. Sticking to Code of Conduct

Lastly, a very important and ethically mandatory tip is to follow the general code of conduct. Despite knowing the pick-up and drop location, the driver keeps the indulgence with the passenger minimum. Follow the rules and satisfy the customers by keeping yourself locked with the code of conduct. The passengers feel safe around the rule follower driver. The same might spike up the star-rating of the driver.

The tips shared are very easy to follow. The high rating private hire taxi would always end up making hefty amounts. For the drivers who wish to add some extra bills on their monthly income, then LynkCity is the place. Kindly click here to follow, the registration procedure to become a LynkCity driver.

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