LynkCity launches in Northern Ireland

We are proud to announce that LynkCity, ride hailing services are now available in Northern Ireland. LynkCity has been providing taxi services in Milton Keynes and Norwich. We offer the best ride hailing services at minimum rates across the country. We aim to become customers’ first choice for private hire […]

Tips to Become a 5-Star LynkCity Driver

Imagine getting star ratings for the work or any activity we perform. It would become very difficult to execute under such pressure. However, the perks of the rating system cannot be denied. The reputation improves according to the performance and the chance of error in analysing the work gets depleted. […]

Earn More Money By Driving A Taxi

Earning more money is always the goal in any profession besides work satisfaction. With a plethora of career options to choose from, it becomes difficult to choose one. Moreover, it has to be such that it checks every box on your list of requirements in a job. So, Why drive […]