Convert Private Car into an Earning Resource at LynkCity


Convert Private Car into an Earning Resource with LynkCity

Wish to add a few extra bills in your monthly inflow? We can offer an option that wouldn’t require many efforts but to convert the private car into a taxi. The taxi business involves absolutely no risk as local authorities keep a tight check on everything and the revenue generated is quite high.

We are talking about the authentic process where the taxi car that has received a licence from the Taxi Licencing office can register with LynkCity and get easy access to passengers. The protocol to be followed is hassle-free and could be a great source of income for the drivers/ vehicle owners.

Though there are a lot of other options for earning, by putting the private vehicle to work is the easiest way among all. The efforts involved in this process is minimal in this business and all it takes is to pass a test for a taxi vehicle licence. The clean track record of the driver’s licence is another necessary field.

We, at LynkCity have kept the registration process for the taxi owner and driver at the least trouble. LynkCity understands that running a taxi could be a dramatic job and thus the registration of the taxi is free. If the blog has already caught your attention, then we have some more alluring perks to discuss that LynkCity provides.

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Before registering with LynkCity, here are some requirements that should be fulfilled. 


To apply you must:

  • be able to work legally in the UK
  • have held a full GB or Northern Ireland driving licence – or a full EU driving licence – for at least 12 months

You must also be a ‘fit and proper person’ – which means your background and character will be checked. Your council may carry out an enhanced criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

You may also need:

  • a medical examination
  • a ‘knowledge’ test
  • to take a driving test


Consult your council and ask what are the requirements mandatory in your area, including the fees they charge and how to apply.

After getting everything completed, here are the directions for adding yourself as a taxi driver with LynkCity. 


How to Register Your Taxi at LynkCity? 

The LynkCity app extends its helping hand to both passengers and the drivers. We understand that adding multiple sources of income would always help. Thus, the application is very flexible, giving you a chance to work at your own pace, and has a feature for going offline or resuming the work at any time. The feature is further explained in the ‘Going offline or online at any time’ section below.

If you wish to make extra cash with a private car, read all the pointers carefully. The same would help in understanding the procedure in detail.

In this blog we will discuss:

  • The registration process with LynkCity
  • A unique feature of going offline or online at any time.
  • Registering bank details on LynkCity app for easy and flexible payout.
  • Conclusion


The Registration Process with LynkCity:

As mentioned above the registration is free and requires a very simple process to sign up.

Step 1- Keep three documents pictures, Drivers license, Hackney carriage badge, and Certificate of insurance saved on a mobile phone before starting the registration procedure as it will be needed.

Step 2- Download the LynkCity app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 3- After installing the app, sign up for a fresh account. It would verify the mobile number using the 4-digit code.

Step 4- Fill up the form with the required information and upload a picture (head shot).

Step 5- Fresh user-id would be created.

Step 6- Add a vehicle and fill the required details to complete the registration. In this step, various documents that were asked in Step 1 would be used.

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By following the simple procedure, the desired applicant can register themselves and their taxi vehicle with LynkCity.


Going Offline or Online at Any Time:

The LynkCity app understands the call of the moment which is to multiply options with time. Whether the driver wishes to work full time or part-time, the application provides the option to do so. This feature is only available for the registered users who have added their taxi.

Here is how it works: 

Step 1: Sign-in with the login details.

Step 2- On the map page, click on the toggle. The button would turn blue on the screen reflecting the online status of the driver. The same would allow the driver in tracking the nearest customer.

Step 3- In order to go offline, touch the same toggle. The icon would go grey. After clicking on the offline option, the driver would receive a notification of the same. 

The feature allows the rider to anytime go offline or resume the work. Flexible working hours make earning more efficient. The same helps in managing two jobs at a time and the part-timers could advantage.

The final and most important information that is still pending that is the bank information of the user. The below section will give brief information about the procedure and usability.


Registering Bank Details with LynkCity App:

The first two sections of the blogs have explained the registration procedure and the unique feature of working flexibly with LynkCity taxi services. The final and most important part to be filled by the user/ driver is the banking information. The share of each ride is transferred to the bank.

The section doesn’t require any document to be uploaded. The user should be aware of the basic account information to be filled in the form.

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Note – LynkCity is not a bank or a platform for holding funds. All payments go directly to your registered bank account. Only LynkCity commission will be taken in the process.

Here are the steps to register the account.

Step 1- Login as the user from the allotted driver user id and password.

Step 2- After logging-in, click on the menu option of the app. The three stripes on the left top forms an icon that is the menu option of the app.

Step 3- The menu option would open a window that would have three options namely, site management, trip history, and stripe account setting. Out of three, click on the stripe account setting.

Step 4: After clicking on the stripe account setting, the user would have to fill the form related to the bank account.

After completely filling the Stripe account form and upon successful completion, you are now ready to receive a payout of your Jobs.



The LynkCity app is crafted in a manner that both passenger and driver should find it user friendly. As mentioned above, the registration process can be completed very easily. As the tagline of the taxi company suggests, LynkCity is safe, quick and easy.

The application is available for both iPhone and Android users. The application for iPhone users is in Apple App Store. The android users can find it in the Google Play Store.

A decade ago, all this required a lot of pain but now everything is just a click away. Presently, earning money with your car is considered the easiest and promising way of earning.


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